Panchakarma Purification & Rejuvenation Therapy

Provide shodhan eradication of the basic cause of disease, aims at expulsion causing toxins (Ama) and replenishes the tissue giving strength to body. According to ancient science of healing Ayurveda, Imbalance of Dosha(Vata, Pitta, Kapha) is the cause disease. As per individual constitution the Panchakarma process brings the imbalance between Doshas and makes mind and body pure with increased immunity.

The old scripture "CharakSamhita" mentioned following benefits of panchakarma :-
♦ Remission of disease perpetuation of good health.
♦ Rejuvenation impact by process of aging being slowed down.
♦ Clear mind which improves the function of sense organ mind and intellect.
♦ Improved complexion.
♦ Improved vigor and vitality.
♦ Improve gastric fire for better digestion and metabolism.
♦ Improve focus, concentration and efficiency of body and mind.
Ayurveda Consultation

Consultation is proved by an experienced Ayurveda doctor who determines your prakruti(body type) diet chart practices, herbal medicine and therapies related guidance is provided.

Warm herbal Oil/Takra/Milk is poured even stream into Third eye or forehead.

Benefits :-
♦ Rejuvenating Memory Enhencing
♦ Relaxes Mind
♦ Revitalise Mind and Body
♦ Removes Anxiety & Stress
♦ Good for Hair
♦ Good for Headache and Fatigue.

Akshi Tarpan (Eye Treatment)

Medicated ghee is retained ion the eyes with the help of some grain paste reservoir good for cooling effect of stressed eyes.
Improves eyesight good for computer users removes dark circles.

Kati Basti (Low Back Treatment):-

Retaining herbal oil or decoction on back.
Special herbal oil is retained on the back for specific time with optimal temperature good for back lumber sciatica and spinal pain.

Udwartan (Herbal Powder Massage)

After a full body massage with dosha specific oil herbal powder massage is done with deep exflotation.

♦ Good for kapha
♦ Reducing Weight
♦ Improves Blood Circulation
♦ Removes Dead Cells

Shashti-Shali Massage

Specialized herbs and cooked rice are combinated in poultice and massaged with milk all over the body./ Nourishes body tissue. moist and increases glow of skin. Good for Vata and pitta.

Sugandh Abhyangam (Aroma Therapy)
Herbal Aroma essential massage according to your dosha full body refreshes body mind and soul.

Ayurveda Marma Massage Therapy (Massage with Vital Point)
Massage with 107 pressure points in our body which open all of seven chakra and give nutrition our body. These are special points in our body which improve the work of chennel.

♦ Open all Circulation of Blood and Energy.
♦ Remove Blockage of Muscle.